About Us

About Us

Oilfield Plastics is now Diversified Geosynthetics, Inc.

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We are a plastic liner company out of Shawnee, Oklahoma and have been specializing in installing plastic liners for the oilfield since 1997.

We believe in doing things right the first time. By providing the highest quality liners, products and workmanship available, you can rest assured that your project will be completed to the highest standards in a safe and timely manner.

Our lifestyle of excellence begins with our people. Each employee of Oilfield Plastics, Inc. is selected only after undergoing thorough drug-screening and background-screening processes. Monthly training and in-house experts ensure that our teams remain safety-alert, and continue to learn, grow and improve. We maintain active memberships in the following Safety Programs: PEC, PICS, ISNet World, and Safeland USA.

After we have the right people with the right skill-sets, we ensure that we have the right products for our customer at the right price. We ensure the highest quality plastic, on-time delivery/installation at the lowest prices possible by not depending on one single manufacturer, but on all 3 of the best in the business: GSE Environmental, Raven Industries Inc., and Poly-America

Some of our services include, Disposal, Reserve, Fresh-water and Frac Pit lining and Covers. In 2013 we installed over 6 million square feet of our medium weight plastic liner (20 and 30 mil) and over 6 million square feet of our heavy weight plastics (40 mil and above).

Our Mission is Simple…

We are committed and passionate about providing our customers with the highest quality liner products and workmanship available while striving to exceed our customers’ expectations for safety and efficiency.